oil + lye + love = affinity


All of my products are made from scratch with no bases - not only is it more fun and fulfilling for me to make things from scratch, I am committed to bringing you a product that I created myself and stand behind 100%. I use only high quality, phthalate free fragrances and paraben and formaldehyde free preservatives for products that require them.  



All my products are loaded with high quality, luxurious oils to create a bar of soap whose creamy lather is out-of-this-world thick and bubbly (I promise you will not miss your beloved body wash!) and which leaves skin soft and smooth without tightness or dryness.  I use mostly micas to color soaps - these are powdered pigments that are completely skin safe and are commonly used in eye shadows.  I also use natural colorants such as activated charcoal (black), titanium dioxide (white) and rose clay (pink).  



I started making soap in 2013 after becoming obsessed with the pretty, skin-nourishing soaps I was buying at the time.  I have always been passionate about working with my hands to create something tangible and useful; a previous obsession was the near-daily baking of delicious desserts.  After learning that basic cold process soap could be made at home, I realized the potential of creating something beautiful and functional that could be tailored to an individual's particular liking using different oils, scents and colors.  After my first batch, I was absolutely hooked.   

From the first steps of planning a batch, picking out the right oils and additives, choosing the perfect colors and scents for the blend, to the final act of cutting up a log of soap... I'm entranced by the combination of science and art that goes into soap making. 

In 2016 I decided it was time to share my obsession beyond my family and friend circle and started Affinity Soapery.  I run the soapery out of my kitchen in Richardson, TX where I design and create every product.



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